When You Only Have 5 Minutes for Your Lunch

We get it. There are plenty of days (or maybe it is everyday) where you only have 5 minutes to throw something together for lunch. That is okay! See below for some of our favorite ways to throw together a delicious, healthy lunch in just 5 minutes!

The 5 Minute Salad

In a (preferably glass) Tupperware container throw in: CHOICE GREENS + CANNED WILD SALMON + OLIVES + TOMATOES + AVOCADO + PUMPKIN SEEDS. Feel free to add or remove any additional veggies or salad toppings you might have laying around. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Place the lid on the container and shake. Enjoy!

The 5 Minute Sandwich

On two pieces of Ezekiel bread spread peanut or almond butter on both slices of bread. On one slice of bread add thinly sliced banana, a dash of salt and cinnamon and a tiny drizzle on honey. Place the halves together and enjoy! For extra health benefits, try adding a sprinkle of chia seeds and/or hemp seeds.

The 5 Minute Bowl

In a (preferably glass) Tupperware container throw in: BLACK OR KIDNEY BEANS + CANNED CHICKEN + AVOCADO + TOMATOES + CARROTS. Feel free to add any additional veggies, toppings or condiments you might have laying around. We love the Primal Kitchen dressings and condiments made with avocado oil.

The 5 Minute Adult Lunchable

In mini Tupperware containers or plastic baggies if you must, pack:

  • Carrot sticks, celery sticks and/or snap peas

  • Peanut butter or Primal Kitchen Ranch for dipping

  • Sharp cheddar cheese cubes

  • Pepperonis or salami (BHT free)

  • Almond and/or cashews

  • Handful of choice berries

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