Your Questions Answered on NC Phase 3 (Executive Order 176)

North Carolina implemented Executive Order 176 on November 13, 2020 at 5pm. The executive order extends and modifies Phase 3 of COVID-19 restrictions until December 4, 2020. Our team has summarized the important topics for your business.

What are the major changes under this Order?

  • The Mass Gathering Limit for indoor spaces is reduced from 25 to 10 people

Which gatherings or other events are subject to the 10-person indoor Mass Gathering Limit?

  • Indoor in-home gatherings

  • Indoor in-home social events

  • All other indoor gatherings not otherwise exempted from the Executive Order

Which gatherings or other events are not subject to the 10-person indoor Mass Gathering Limit?

  • Worship, religious, spiritual gatherings, wedding ceremonies, funeral services, and other First Amendment activities

  • Gatherings for work or for receiving governmental services

  • Gatherings at places that are subject to other capacity limits stated in the Executive Orders, including:

    • Fitness and exercise facilities

    • Restaurants

    • Personal care businesses

    • Museums and aquariums

    • Movie theaters

    • Hotels, conference centers, and reception venues

  • Normal operations at airports, bus and train stations or stops, medical
    facilities, libraries, shopping malls and shopping centers

  • Families of more than ten people who reside together

If you have any questions about how the executive order may impact your business, please feel free to reach out to our team. Additionally, Cypress Benefit Solutions has partnered with Parker Poe to bring you a webinar on Navigating the COVID-19 Workplace Maze. You can register today and be prepared to stay ahead of the curve!

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